13 March, 2019

Leaders League 2019 acknowledges Alcaíno | Abogados

Alcaíno | Abogados has been recognized in Arbitration, Mergers & Acquisitions and Litigation & Arbitration: Civil & Commercial Litigation by Leaders League ranking 2019


3 December, 2018

Best Lawyers 2019 recommends Alcaino | Abogados partners

Alfredo Alcaíno y Marcelo Giovanazzi han sido reconocidos en la versión 2019 del directorio Best Lawyers. Nuestro socio fundador, Alfredo Alcaíno fue recomendado en las áreas de Arbitration and Mediation, Corporate and M&A, Law Insolvency and Reorganization Law  y Real Estate, mientras que Marcelo Giovanazzi, socio del área Judicial, lo fue en el área de Arbitration and Mediation. ¡Felicitaciones […]


26 November, 2018

Compass Group Chile withdraws criminal complaint and arbitration against Aurus AGF S.A.

With the advice of Alcaino Abogados, Aurus AGF S.A. achieved a global agreement with Compass Group Chile, ending the so-called “Aurus Case”. Under the agreement signed on October 29, both parties terminated the arbitration proceeding before the arbitrator Vasco Costa, and Compass Group Chile definitively desisted from the criminal complaints it had filed against the […]


1 October, 2018

Supreme Court rejects indemnity claim of AFP Provida against Leonidas Vial Echeverría

Alcaino | Abogados obtained a favorable ruling in the defense of the executive and businessman Leonidas Vial Echeverría and his investment companies, in a claim for compensation for alleged damages filed by AFP Provida in the context of the Cascadas Case, based mainly on Sanctioning Resolution No. 223 of the Chilean SEC and the alleged […]


9 August, 2018

Alcaíno | Abogados recognized in Latin America Chambers & Partners 2019 Guide

Our Capital Markets, Corporate/ M&A and Dispute Resolution areas have been recognized in the Latin America Chambers and Partners 2019 guide.


20 July, 2018

Successful conclusion of the “Penta Case”

On July 3 of July, the Eighth Court of Guarantee of Santiago put an end to the lawsuits that were being pursued against the controllers of Penta Group, in the so-called “Penta Case”. The ruling freed the controllers of the alleged crimes for which they had originally been formalized, except those of a tax nature, […]