ALCAÍNO | ABOGADOS has an outstanding professional experience of over 40 years. It was established in the mid 1970s, but it was legally organized as a profesional partnership in 1980 under the name Artaza y Cía. Currently it is incorporated as a stock company named Alcaíno Abogados SpA.

From day of its establishment the Firm has stood out for rendering integral legal services, comprising the legal structuring of businesses and companies of its clients including the legal defense in an all kinds of litigation or conflicts.

The services model is based on forging relations of trust with its clients, which are projected and endure over the time. These features are embodied in a very personal and close profesional services, imprinting a special excelence seal to ALCAÍNO | ABOGADOS, atributes appreciated and recognized by both the clientele and the market.

This committed way of understanding and developing the legal practise has allowed Alcaíno | Abogados to form a solid clientele over the years, giving legal advice on permanent or ocasional basis, to both the most relevant Chilean business groups and an extense array of persons, families and companies, of the most ample spectre of the economic, financial, commercial and industrial activity, both in Chilean and abroad.